Eating Disorder Therapy

The Real Deal About Therapy

The truth of the matter

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Therapy can feel a little unfair. The therapists get to know a lot about who you are and how you struggle, but you won’t get to know a ton about the therapist. We’re supposed to be the one helping and not the other way around. Even so, it’s still a little one-sided, isn’t it? To even things out a bit, we think some introductions and an explanation of how we work is a good way to know what you’re getting in to before you get in to it. Most people don’t like leaping before they look, so consider this a way to get to know another perspective before you ever take the chance. 

Therapists care. we are hired by those suffering from a problem because we want to help find relief. In other words, our clinical expertise, insights, passion, and effectiveness has proven to work for the people we’ve helped. With that incredible privilege we also take very seriously the responsibility to give you the most helpful, ethical, and healing service possible.

We are warm and carefully direct. We always do our best to get to the heart of the matter. We never want to waste your time in therapy. We will use candid seriousness with a mix of rational reasoning and humor. The ‘same old therapy messages’ are not helpful all the time, but they are incredibly impactful when this is added to the mix. Therapy opens up a key to your memory when you need it, safely.

We also get to learn how to hold hope. Yes that’s possible, particularly for clients who feel hopeless. We work diligently to assist in developing an eye for seeing people for who they really are. You are not simply a collection of problems or diagnoses. Therapy should always have an energy to the process that keeps the work honest, real, and optimistic.

What therapy is and how therapy helps

The bulk of our professional efforts have focused on people who suffer from eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma and social struggles – many at high levels of care. This means we’ve helped some very ill people through some of their most difficult moments. From those experiences we’ve been able to watch people go from feeling hopeless to feeling hopeful. This has made each one of us at Hilltop a true believer in the power of therapy. We have witnessed people heal and move on with their lives.

What if you learned how?

Sometimes, therapy is a conversation about changing the things you can and learning to understand what you seems as though you can not. Wouldn’t we all love to move onwards from our emotions, be perfect all the time, even stop how others behave? You may have been told that you just have to learn to accept those realities, that’s tough!

On the other hand what if you could change how you think, how you see it, how you handle inevitable emotions, and even how you treat yourself? Would that be ok?  Change can be hard, and having a savvy therapist who not only wants to help, but knows how to help, can make the process of change smoother.

Putting it together, bit by bit..

Getting better whether from an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, a traumatic event, a loss of a friend group and everything else we can’t imagine in one online post can be a real challenge. Combing through your experiences, addressing real problems, working towards a change that is your, and defining happiness on your own don’t have to be major obstacles to overcome. If you decide to work with us, we will offer every ounce of wisdom, effort, care, and support we can find!

Healing can be hard work, but with the right therapist, you don’t have to do it alone.

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