Sarah Levant, LCSW

Grounded with understanding, Sarah encompasses the essence and sense of equilibrium a ‘strengths based perspective’ emanates.  Trained by some of the most dynamic clinicians in the field of trauma, Sarah utilized a variety of modalities that blended together support, recovery, and healing.  Her work in the field of eating disorders has brought her to a place in which she exhibits an astute and precise intervention style, helping create space for change where one often feels cornered. Additionally, Sarah has spent years training and developing skills focusing on shock trauma and complex trauma (ongoing overwhelming stressors, bullying, toxic work dynamics, childhood trauma etc.). Sarah has found by supporting greater regulation, different symptoms of overwhelm (disordered eating, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, rage etc.) dissipate.  Sarah additionally assists in national and international trainings devoted to mind-body healing and complex trauma. 

Somatic Experiencing

SE is an approach that focuses on the body to help resolve trauma stuck in survival physiology of fight, flight, freeze, and shut down. By focusing on the body to resolve trauma, it can make symptoms of trauma (PTSD, anxiety, sleep disturbances, depression, rage etc.) dissipate.

Somatic Resilience and Regulation

A type of psychotherapy that supports healing from developmental trauma, disordered eating, and addictions by improving the body’s ability for co-regulation and self-regulation. SRR is based on attachment therapy, developmental trauma psychology, parts work, somatic experiencing, and somatic psychotherapy.


Brainspotting is the combination of both Somatic Experiencing and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Brainspotting uses the visual field to help heal unmetabolized trauma in the subcortical brain, restoring greater psychological health. Brainspotting was originally created to enhance professional sport performance, but its creator, David Grand, quickly realized it could be applied to many different mental health challenges and blocks including trauma, phobias, addictions, anxiety, grief, etc.

Safe and Sound Protocol

SSP is a neural exercise using music to help the nervous system to become more comfortable with shifting states. SSP helps support nervous system regulation, which improves the person’s ability to become more social, engaged, and responsive to their own emotional and physical needs. SSP can be especially helpful for individuals who have sensitivities to sound, light, physical touch, who are in a state of shutdown, and hypervigilance. Sarah utilizes SSP when using Somatic Resilience and Regulation and Brainspotting, to help deepen and sometimes accelerate the healing process. 

Resourcing Therapies

Sarah incorporates elements drawn from yoga, qigong (type of movement meditation from Chinese Medicine) mindfulness, and breathwork to help build clients’ grounding resources. Sarah works with individual clients to find what feels ‘just right.’ By having a variety of different skills in their toolbox, clients become more empowered to shift from patterns of hurting to patterns of healing. 

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