Group Therapy



Group therapy enables individuals to receive support and encouragement from other group members. Research continues to show participation in group therapy increases the chances for recovery. Side effects include connection, learning that one is not alone, feelings validation, and the removal of barriers.

Where else can you sit in a room of mindful peers, two therapists (minimum) and work on a problem together? With many people experiencing feelings of isolation, group therapy answers the social learning component so many people with eating disorders struggle with. This is why we offer this experience for free for all of our clients – an opportunity to discuss change with others and go through the process together!

If you or a loved one would like to work on concerns involving food and how to heal from personal struggles with the help of a community that cares, group therapy is for you. Remove the burden of feeling like the only one struggling. Our groups are a wonderful adjunct to the therapy you are going through and only will compound the learning . The group dynamic is always welcoming and open, and a clinician is always present to facilitate safe and brave conversations.

“No one understands me.”

“I don’t think anyone will ever understand what I’m going through.”

“I am the only person who struggles this way.”

You can change that!

Two women holding eachother

Caregiver and Parent Group

Our Caregiver and Parent Group is a great way for parents and caregivers to obtain support while their loved one is receiving treatment for their eating disorder at Hilltop Behavioral Health. From learning how to identify eating disorder behaviors to creating a strong and empathetic support system, this group will support you along the way.

Women’s Group

Our group for women, ages 18 and older, is an exploration of pivotal moments that have caused tension, anxiety, and depressive feelings with one’s relationship with their body. Looking at shifts and changes throughout the lifecycle, we’ll cover topics such as body image, protective behaviors, and physical objectification paradigms. We’ll also discuss self-confidence while making sure nourishment is consistent. This group is meant to foster interactive conversations to build better connections and a more solid foundation as you continue your recovery journey.

Men’s Group

We are proud to announce we are offering a group for men. This group is for men who struggle with the expectations placed on them at work and in their families. We will meet weekly to explore different beliefs surrounding being a man in today’s society. We will explore social anxiety, perfectionism, masculinity scripts, communication tactics, mental health, and have fun connecting around topics that come up spontaneously. Participants will also learn skills associated with mindfulness, body/mind stabilization, emotion regulation, over-control, stress tolerance, and effective communication.

Do you offer any other support groups?

We are always open to more ideas. If you would like to learn more about any of the groups mentioned above, leave us a confidential message through the Contact Us form.

Client Coverage Areas include Union County. Our expert clinical staff is committed to helping you achieve the change you seek. If you are struggling with your body image or an eating disorder and would like to take part in group therapy near you, we service Summit, Westfield, Scotch Plains, New Providence, Berkeley Heights, and nearby towns in Union County and the surrounding region.

You are not alone. There is hope.

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