Eating Disorder Therapy

What it Means to Take up Space in Recovery


How increasing your visibility can positively impact your place in the world. All of us want acceptance, enjoyment, and to feel as though we have some sense of meaning or purpose in life. It’s why we make friends, fall in love, apply for jobs, have families, or pursue a hobby.  It’s also why we do

Eating Disorders are Metaphors

Complex Birds Flying Free after Recovery

When you have an eating disorder, you struggle to explain what’s going on.  It actually goes with the territory.  There’s a diagnosis with the struggle that technically is implied, many go through it and most people don’t realize it: Alexithymia – The inability to identify and/or communication one’s emotions.  It’s a form of emotional blindness,

Orthorexia Nervosa Vs. Anorexia Nervosa

Health Butterfly made out of fruits and orthorexia food that could also look like anorexia.

Two restrictive types of eating disorders with key differences. Many people are familiar with anorexia nervosa (anorexia) and have a general idea of its diagnostic criteria, which entails an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted body image. These deep-seated fears lead to self-imposed starvation or extreme restriction when it comes to food intake,

8 Ways to Reduce Anxiety and Get You Back to Happiness

Anxiety and depression attack, man looking down in full color array behind him.

It all starts in an instant. One moment you can be sitting there going through your day and the next hyperventilating in sheer panic, looking for the closest exit. Most people have no idea what is hitting them in the moment– I just couldn’t breathe. After running out and finding a moment to just get

Disentangling the ‘I’m Fine’ Retort from Boys and Men.

wall that has a crack trying to hold it all together with red and brown tones depicting mental health struggle in men.

Disentangling the ‘I’m Fine’ Retort from Boys and Men. Expressing feelings (especially uncomfortable ones) or talking about struggles with mental illness doesn’t come naturally or easily for a lot of people. There’s often a fear of being judged, labeled, or discriminated against, and this is especially true for individuals who self-identify or are perceived by

High-Functioning Anxiety: A Guide to Effective Management

Overwhelm and anxiety at work with a woman who is unable to function and needs to perform for her job

Anxiety. The mere reading or vocalization of the word can induce a jolt of uneasiness for some. The reason being? Most people don’t particularly enjoy the feeling of being anxious. This makes sense when we stop and think about what anxiety actually is—a natural and adaptive human response to stress or perceived threats, often replete

How Body Checking Becomes a Dangerous Eating Disorder

Scale, Body Image, and Obsessive Behaviors

Many people may review the symptoms or diagnostic criteria for eating disorders and conclude they don’t, in fact, have one. What they often don’t realize, however, is the potential of certain covert behaviors they possess to evolve into a full-blown eating disorder. Like many other mental illnesses, individuals suffering from eating disorders don’t simply wake

Finding Happiness: Positive Mantras and Affirmations in Recovery

Repeating Blocks for Eating Disorder Recovery and Healing

The dos and dont’s of this powerful healing and growth tool. Mantras and affirmations are among the most common and valuable recovery tools. Countless people struggling with various mental health issues and traumatic experiences have successfully used them to:  However… Despite their proven effectiveness, mantras and affirmations may not always yield the desired results. This

Spotting the Signs: Identifying Eating Disorders

A deconstruction of today’s most prevalent eating disorders. Eating disorders are serious and sometimes fatal mental health conditions characterized by irregular eating habits, severe distress related to body shape or weight, and a preoccupation with food, exercise, and/or body image. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD), 9% of the

The Necessary Steps for Healing Your Relationship With Food 

And how to work through them in eating disorder recovery. Eating disorder (ED) treatment comes with a myriad of challenges that often deter many from starting or sticking with it.  There’s the hesitation to let the eating disorder go. There’s the fitting in recovery among work, school, family, and other life events and obligations. There’s