Minding Men Shows

with Hilltop Behavioral Health founder
Brian Pollack

A show that gets to the conversations, values and morals that men don’t talk about. Taboo! Minding Men sheds light on men, mental health, anxiety, and how all of this affects the guys in our lives.

Minding Men is a tv show and podcast supporting the mental health needs and awareness of those who struggle on a daily basis, offering advice and education towards a better and more purposeful life for men and males.

Changing Male Culture

“Our young men, our boys, and even our older males are having to live up to standards nowadays that are creating a real question of self.”

Brian is interviewed by Jennifer Kreatsouls, PhD about how males cope in a world that feels anxious and disconnected. Brian’s need to learn and find understanding has spurred Minding Men and he shares his confusion, passion and thoughts in this initial interview.

Dan Saland, PhD joins Minding Men for our first inaugural show to discuss [toxic] masculinity and how it can cause hardships for guys. He also highlights the positives that these ideas can also provide, depending on the situation. As we begin to explore what it is to be a man in today’s society, we are honored and humbled that Dr. Saland joined us.

Heidi Dalzell, PsyD and Kayti Protos, LCSW join Minding Men to discuss gender identity and how we can reach across misunderstanding towards compassionate connection. As part of Bucks Support Services, both Dr. Dalzell and Kayti share invaluable information that helps us find a simple understanding within a topic that feels so confusing and complex.

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