Stay-at-Home Adventures: Things to Do in the Corona Era

Dr. Annie McCue Leaves of change.has created a quick list to help with ideas of ways to remain active while we are all collectively quarantined. This isn’t easy and usually when people feel anxious or are faced with a crisis they feel an urge to either do something or nothing!  We’re faced with the tricky situation of being told that the best thing we can do is to change.

But what does that even look like?

While many of us are starting to keep up a specific routine and schedule others are just beginning to find ways to create a schedule they can depend on. This is a time that is forcing us to tolerate being in one place, tolerate boredom, learn new skills, spend time with pets/close family/roommates, develop a hobby, write a novel, or just learn to let go.   

Sometimes this is all really tough to do.

Worrying gives people the illusion that they are actively addressing what’s causing them to worry, which isn’t always the case. We need more ideas to separate frmo worry. Below is a list of wonderful actionable items that can ease the moment and give you something to do with yourself:

    • Distract with available online resources (virtual museums, zoos, classes, etc.)
    • Keep up social connections remotely. Call and check in on eldery family members/neighbors who have been quarantine and isolated
    • Keep up a specific routine and schedule
    • Make sure you are showering, getting dressed, etc. as though you would be leaving the house or seeing people
    • Take walks or drives outside the house. Gardening is a good hobby for those with space and resources. Walk neighbors’ dogs if you don’t have one of your own.
    • Reframe this as a time to learn how to tolerate being alone, tolerate boredom, learn new skills, spend time with pets/close family/roommates, develop a hobby, write the next Great American Novel
    • Stay off of social media/limit the news. Use a timer if necessary and allow oneself a specific amount of exposure time.
    • Practice mindfulness and staying in the moment. Focus on taking it one day at a time. We don’t know how long we’re in this for.
    • Only consume information from reputable sources, like the CDC.
    • Redecorate/spring cleaning
    • If working from home, set up a home office that’s separate from other parts of the house (set boundaries).
    • Enforce time boundaries. Only work during specific times of the day. This also applies to making/receiving phone calls and checking email.
    • Keep a regular sleep/wake/eat schedule. Practice good sleep hygiene.
    • Yoga is a great indoor physical activity (if you’re allowed exercise).