A Quote to Help Find Balance

Quote to Help Find Balance

Once in a while I will add a quote to help find balance in our lives.  Below is just that – an idea that life is beautifully interwoven yet complicated. It speaks to our pain and our happiness. An opportunity to remind ourselves of this messy thing we call our day to day.

“To view life as blessed does not require you to deny your pain. It simply demands a more complicated vision, one in which a condition is not either good or bad, but is, rather, good and bad, not sequentially, but simultaneously.” – Nancy Mairs

Organizing positive quotes to help find balance helps!

What does this quote mean to you? Is there something in this that speaks to your ability to feel better? Do you have any quotes to help you find balance?

Nancy Mairs is an incredible essayist who has struggled with her own physical and mental health difficulties.  She has written extensively on the underpinnings of pain and often adds elements of spirit within each essay. Her will is endless and her wisdom is direct.

When I get lost in the good and the bad I need something to keep me centered. When I am off, I want to know what is happening and sometimes struggle to accept that multiple feelings can take place at the same time. I need something more.

Nancy likes to discuss what some would call, “the glue” between our emotions and reality. I find it often is the only thing that can help people find hope and create sustainability as they venture on their journey and create a life worth living.

As the new year begins, ask yourself:

    • Have you started something new?
    • Are you finally taking steps towards change?
  • Is there something you are beginning to address?

Simple answers can lead to big change.

If you can find an answer to one or more, you are on to something. Just remember not to deny your pain as you seek answers. If you deny the full experience you don’t end up getting over the river and through the experience.

I wish you a wonderful new year and a smile per day.