Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Eating Habits

Covid-19 Eating Disorder Article

With the Covid-19 crisis many of us struggle to remain stable.  Our personal lives are becoming too intense. We are around food and stress all day long. We don’t know how to cope and our need for safety is heightened.  Our families are beginning to feel the stress too and we see it every day in our office.

Recently, Brian was interviewed for an article on how eating disorders can intensify during quarantine.  Finding peace in a time where we can’t seem to find hope is so difficult. We hear you and we are doing everything we can. This article may have a few triggers around food and behaviors but we do believe it is helpful in understanding that you are not the only one.

If you or a loved one are overwhelmed at this time with anxiety, depression, food, or just the whole entire experience. Reach out to us. We are available to assist and help you feel better.

Be safe out there,

Brian, Annie and Mark.

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