Avoiding the Holiday Binge Eating Blues

Every year you prepare for what’s coming. The parties are coming. The food is going to be there. So what do you do when you begin to feel that you may get out of control? How do you stop yourself from singing the Holiday Binge Eating Blues?

1) Don’t Go on an Empty Stomach

Holiday Binge Eating Blues

The binge eating blues begin before you even go to that family or work party. Your mind is already there, wondering what the food and drink is going to be. Should you drink? Should you allow yourself to indulge in the sweets?

So many people try to “leave room” in order to prepare for holidays. This is not the best way to go. Make sure that if the party is going to have food that you don’t starve yourself throughout the day in Preparation of the event. This only leads to you feeling ferocious and wanting to resolve that grumbling stomach.

Don’t forget to have breakfast that day. If you’re not a breakfast person, make today different. Your body can only handle so much and you won’t feel overwhelmed and on the attack when you finally walk up to that buffet bar of holiday goodness.

2) Easy on the Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is a something that will suppress our ability to tell whether ort not our hunger cues are done. For those who end up bingeing during the holidays you want to know that the more your defenses are down, the more you are likely to fall prey to eating habits you may feel bad about in the long run.

SO maybe it’s not worth having that extra cup of baileys and coffee. Maybe it’s time to just take out the baileys and slow yourself down gently – this way you can also drive home safely.

3) Survey the Food and Walk Away

Checklist of Food Binge Eating

9 times out of 10, the food is being prepared before anyone is able to take and eat. When anxiety around food and the binge eating blues are knocking at your door, being able to take inventory of what you are about to face often can help prepare you mentally and emotionally.

After you step away, you have time to mentally decide what foods you’d like to have and how much you think you’ll be able to appropriately handle. This helps reduce anxiety because it will create a plan of action that can help you remain in control.

Building self confidence in these moments with preparation and food boundaries will only empower you for when the dessert comes out!

4) Grab a Small(er) Plate

Our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs. A full plate can be the determining factor as to how much you are going to eat.  It’s a illusionist trick but in the end it works!

This creates a moment of awareness. Causing you to make a decision – is it time to fill up the plate again or stop?  Helpful contemplation techniques include a Pros and Cons or a distraction technique you can execute. Talk to a family member or get up and grab the holiday magazine on the coffee table

5) Step Away From the Dessert

Dessert - Holiday Binge Eating Blues

Yes, do this. I know its probably the most difficult part of the situation. Those holiday cookies are calling your name. Maybe there’s a way you can take a ziplock bag home so you don’t miss out?   If you’re a person who loves to indulge in sweets this is where it matters.

You may have gotten through the entire day. You’re fine, right?  Be aware of the impulse you experience when the dessert is put out on the table. Be careful, know your limits and make sure that you keep yourself in check. Often we can fall into ALL or NOTHING thinking. There is a middle ground.  Maybe there’s a middle ground – trader joes has an awesome candy cane tea that could do the trick!  There are ways, you just have to prepare.

Whatever you do – know that you are going to be ok. You may not believe it, but the holidays are the toughest time to challenge the binge eating blues.

Plan, Prepare and Perform.